Misty Copeland Is Officially The First Black Female Principal Dancer In American Ballet Theatre History

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History was made in the ballet world this week when soloist Misty Copeland was promoted to principal dancer, thereby becoming the first black female principal in the 75-year history of the American Ballet Theatre.

Copeland, now 32 years old, has been dancing with the American Ballet Theatre for over 14 years, nearly eight as a soloist. Most recently, she starred as Odette/Odile in “Swan Lake” at the Met, a role dance critic Alastair Macaulay called “the most epic role in world ballet.”

Copeland’s name is known far beyond the traditional confines of the ballet world, in part due to her emphatic openness regarding the problematic relationship between race and ballet. As Elizabeth Blair explained on NPR: “It’s hard for any ballet dancer to succeed, regardless of race, but a black dancer is up against a centuries-old aesthetic — the idea, for example, that the swan must be feather-weight and snow white, and so does her prince.”


!!!!!MistyCopeland1Misty Copeland principal dancer American Ballet Theatre



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Obama To Unveil Plan To Bring Overtime Pay To 5 Million More Workers

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 President Barack Obama this week will propose a plan to extend overtime pay to 5 million American workers who are currently excluded under federal law, according to sources.

The president will recommend updating overtime rules so that salaried workers who earn less than roughly $50,400 per year would be guaranteed time-and-a-half pay when they work more than 40 hours in a week. Under the current rules implemented by former President George W. Bush, salaried workers must earn less than $23,660 per year in order to be automatically eligible for overtime pay.

The president announced his intention to make overtime reforms last year, but the details of the plan have been kept secret until this week. The president is expected to discuss the proposal later this week during a visit to Wisconsin. Details of the proposal were first reported by Bloomberg.


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The Fight for Health Care Isn’t Over

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The Supreme Court’s decision upholding health insurance subsidies for low-income Americans in every state will almost certainly not stop attempts by Republicans to destroy or impede the Affordable Care Act piece by piece.

The law as a whole seems safe from repeal as long as President Obama remains in the White House and can veto changes that would be truly destructive. But there are myriad ways the current Republican Congress, future Congresses or a future Republican president could subvert important elements of the law or render it inoperative.

The main effect of the court’s 6-to-3 decision is to guarantee that financial help, in the form of tax-credit subsidies, is available to all those who qualify for help, regardless of whether they buy coverage on a health insurance exchange that is operated by the federal government or on one operated by a state government.


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Prison Escape Drama Ends With One Cop and Two Shots

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With more than 1,300 officers fanned out across northern New York’s dense forest hunting for the remaining escapee who broke out of a maximum-security prison, a state trooper, alone in his car, spotted a jogger near a rain-soaked field two miles from the Canadian border.

“Hey, come over here,” Sgt. Jay Cook, a 21-year veteran called to the man, according to an account by New York State Police Superintendent Joseph D’Amico.

The jogger ignored him. Cook called out again.


!!!!!BN2015-6-29DavidSweatCaptured1David Sweat captured



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Baa Baa Obamacare have you any wool? Yes Sir! Yes Sir! Many bags full.  Affordable health care is making its way through the courts.

It took Social Security approximately 7 years to get past the dissenters.  I know people Black and White who worked all their lives at a minimum wage which was to low and weren’t able to save for retirement and now live on Social Security.  A treat is a well prepared chuck steak.  While corporations who wouldn’t pay a decent salary raked in billions.

I’m not calling for socialism, just make sure the populous has a fair minimum wage, plus quality education available.  Educated people with no jobs become entrepreneurs or not, their choice, but when opportunity knocks they step up. They make better decisions when voting (electing no idiots)

Quality education, quality healthcare just 2 of the many things needed for this country to stay great!

If knowledge is power, what is lack of knowledge? Ignorance. Is ignorance a design to control the masses? Look what happens in the Muslim world.  With their education systems destroyed by war , idiots now rule.

Save America from idiots, educate a healthy populous!


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Cool Illusions and tricks, enthralling!


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The Mouth Is Mightier Than the Pen

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Few methods beat email for sending communication blasts, getting a note in front of a far-flung sales prospect or employer, or attaching pictures and documents.

Too bad about the downside: You may not sound your smartest.

New research shows that text-based communications may make individuals sound less intelligent and employable than when the same information is communicated orally. The findings imply that old-fashioned phone conversations or in-person visits may be more effective when trying to impress a prospective employer or, perhaps, close a deal.


!!!!!TheMouthIsMightier1Michael Waraksa



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