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“Every great architect is — necessarily — a great poet. He must be a great original interpreter of his time, his day, his age.”

Those are the words of one undeniably great architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, whose visions of harmonious design and innovating urban planning amounted to his own brand of organic architecture. We’d argue that Wright wasn’t just an interpreter of his time — he was able to foresee the needs and desires of ages ahead of him. The architect is — necessarily — a visionary capable of seeing into the future.

In the spirit of architecture’s fortune telling abilities, we’ve put together a list of our favorite contemporary designs that shed light on the future of our visual world.

Indoor Parks
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Artist Designs Surreal Futuristic Forts That Can Withstand Natural Disaster

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Dauphin Island, located off the coast of Alabama in the Gulf of Mexico, is known for experiencing perpetual and catastrophic hurricanes. When a storm hits the small island of around 1,200 people, it often washes away much of the coastline with it, leaving residents to rebuild their homes again and again following every big storm.
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Shipping Container Houses In Amsterdam Prove That Small Is Better (VIDEO)

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We’ve spoken to many tiny home dwellers who think a small house is a happy house. And in an attempt to spread the word that small is beautiful, Jeremy Beasley is visiting unique and teeny homes and documenting the visits on film.

In the video above, Beasley visits one woman who lives in one of the shipping container houses, which are used as student housing in Amsterdam. Although, the home is a mere 215 square feet, the young woman says she has all the room she needs, including enough space for her cat. In fact, she loves her place so much, she cant ever see herself living in a big home.

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Imagination Tech CEO: ‘The industry needs MIPS as much as MIPS needs the industry’

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At an earlier press event in Shenzhen, Imagination Technologies’ CEO Sir Hossein Yassaie delivered a clear message: his company’s $100 million acquisition of MIPS isn’t a short term strategy. Additionally, he has ambitious plans with the latter’s chip architecture — a well-known rival of ARM and Intel’s x86.

In his presentation, Yassaie boasted that there are currently over 300 SoCs based on MIPS. And out of the five billion devices shipped with Imagination Tech’s IP to date, three billion of them use MIPS. These include phones, tablets (especially in China), wearables, printers, networking devices, storage devices and more.

For a company who already owns IP in the graphic (including ray-tracing), video (low-power transcoding) and radio processing space, it’s no surprise for Imagination Tech to acquire MIPS to complete its portfolio. The result is the upcoming Warrior CPU that promises “best-in-class performance and efficiency” in both 32-bit and 64-bit flavors, but we’ve been told that these won’t hit the market until next year. Nevertheless, Yassaie believes that MIPS has strong technical advantages in terms of silicon area, power and capabilities such as multithreading. And apparently he has people to back him up on this.




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Take an “Artwalk” Through Downtown Stamford Connecticut

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“Stamford is going to just flood artists”

The streets of downtown Stamford will transform into one large art exhibit this weekend for the City’s first ever Artwalk. The free event, created by the Stamford Downtown Special Services District, will showcase more than 90 artists in shops, restaurants, and galleries downtown.

Stamford DSSD President Sandy Goldstein says, “We want to make sure that people recognize the downtown as an art venue.”

Patrons can visit over 35 venues on the Artwalk route, where they will run into live music, performances, and special activities a long the way.

Artwalk curator Valerie Cooper says, “It’s just a wonderful conglomerate of diversity, culture, of different nationalities, and my vision was to put something together that reflected exactly what Stamford sort of stands for.”

The Old Town Hall Museum and UConn’s campus art gallery are just two of six participating galleries that will feature special exhibits for the event.


!!ValerieCooper1Artwalk curator Valerie Cooper


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Poignant and amazing! A NELSON MANDELA sculpture

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It consists of 50 ten metre high laser cut steel plates set into the landscape, representing the 50 year anniversary of when and where Nelson Mandela was captured and arrested, on August 6, 1962 prior to his 27 years of incarceration.  Standing at a particular point the columns come into focus and the image of Nelson Mandela can be seen.

The sculptor is Marco Cianfanelli, of Johannesburg.


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Ellis Island Museum Unlikely To Reopen In 2013 After Severe Superstorm Sandy Damage

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The Ellis Island Immigration Museum, which sustained severe damage to its infrastructure from the surging waters of Superstorm Sandy, is not expected to re-open to the public this year, the National Park Service said.

The Oct. 29 storm bought water levels as high as 8 feet to Ellis Island, adjacent to the home of the Statue of Liberty, destroying boilers and electrical systems.

The museum “is under repair from storm damage and will not likely be open in 2013,” the park service said Friday, as it announced that security screening for visitors to the Statue of Liberty would be moving to temporary facilities on Ellis Island.




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