New Species Of Human Relative Discovered In South African Cave

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Fossils belonging to a previously unknown species of human relative have been discovered in a cave system northwest of Johannesburg, South Africa, an international team of scientists announced Thursday.

The discovery of Homo naledi is expected to shed new light on the human family tree, according to a written statement released by the National Geographic Society, the University of Witwatersrand, and the South African Department of Science and Technology.

What’s more, the fossils seem to indicate that H. naledi deposited the bodies of its dead in a remote part of the cave — a behavior previously believed to have been practiced only by humans. In all, an astonishing 1,550 fossils belonging H. naledi were found in the Rising Star cave system.





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Roman Shipwreck Off Greek Island Antikythera May Actually Hold Two Ships

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A dive to the undersea cliff where a famous Roman shipwreck rests has turned up either evidence that the wreck is enormous — or a suggestion that, not one, but two sunken ships are resting off the Greek island of Antikythera.

“Either way, it’s an exciting result,” said study researcher Brendan Foley, an archaeologist at Woods Hold Oceanographic Institution who presented the findings here today (Jan. 4) at the annual meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America.


Antikythera Shipwreck

The Antikythera wreck is famed for the massive number of artifacts pulled from
the site overthe past century. Here divers explore the site.


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Hadrian’s Auditorium: Ancient Roman Arts Center From 123 AD Discovered (PHOTO)

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On Wednesday, archeologists revealed the remains of an ancient arts center underneath Rome dating back to 123 AD, according to the Guardian.

Emperor Hadrian is believed to have funded “the Athenaeum,” as it was known at the time; it was a 900-seat complex created to promote arts and culture, CBS News reports. Archeologists discovered the arts center during excavations for a new subway line to run through the Italian capital.

“Hadrian’s auditorium is the biggest find in Rome since the Forum was uncovered in the 1920s,” said Rossella Rea, an archeologist working on the project.



A view of the excavation site with the remains of an ancient auditorium where scholars, politicians and poets held debates and lectures, in Rome, Wednesday Oct. 21, 2009. In background, the Vittoriano monument to the unknown soldier. Italian archeologists unveiled Wednesday the site discovered during excavations of a bustling downtown piazza in preparation for a new subway line. The partially dug complex, dating back to the 2nd century A.D., is believed to have been funded by Emperor Hadrian.


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Merneptah’s Sarcophagus: Biggest Ancient Egyptian Burial Box Identified Near ‘Valley Of The Kings’ (PHOTOS)

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The largest ancient Egyptian sarcophagus has been identified in a tomb in Egypt’s Valley of the Kings, say archaeologists who are re-assembling the giant box that was reduced to fragments more than 3,000 years ago.

Made of red granite, the royal sarcophagus was built for Merneptah, an Egyptian pharaoh who lived more than 3,200 years ago. A warrior king, he defeated the Libyans and a group called the “Sea Peoples” in a great battle.


Largest Sarcophagus

The mummy of Merneptah was encased in a series of four sarcophagi,
set one within the other. After his tomb was robbed, more than 3,000
years ago, he was reburied elsewhere and his two outer sarcophagi
boxes were broken up.


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Maya Collapse, Climate Change Linked In New Study That Points To Rainfall, Droughts

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Mammoth Bones Discovered In Iowa Family’s Backyard (VIDEO)

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When an Iowa family first stumbled across the strange object in their backyard, it looked like an old bowling ball. But imagine the surprise when the “ball” turned out to be part of a massive mammoth bone.


Mammoth Bones Iowa

Iowa man finds mammoth bones in his
backyard, ABC reports.


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