THE FINEST HOURS (2016) – My rating: 8/10

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TheFinestHoursThe Finest Hours is the first movie released in 2016 that I’ve reviewed. It is also one of many new movies  based on a true story, which I found to be pretty good. If you enjoyed “The Perfect Storm”, then chances are, you’ll also like “The Finest Hours”. Handsome Chris Pine plays Bernard “Bernie” Webber, who falls in love with Miriam Pentinen Webber (Holliday Grainger).  Bernie is a crewman at the Coast Guard station in Chatham, MA on Cape Cod.  The new Chief Warrant Officer, Daniel Cluff (Eric Bana) is new to the station and is making questionable decisions.  After learning that an oil tanker was split in half somewhere off the Chatham coast, as a result of the current nor’ easter, Daniel sends Bernie and his crew out on a suicide mission to rescue the damaged oil tanker (SS Pendleton). After picking his crew, Engineman Third Class: Andrew Fitzgerald…

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Couple left four children in a car with a loaded gun, boy accidentally killed his 7-year-old brother


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Tragic news for a Tennessee family who probably wishes they hadn’t carried around a loaded gun:

Officers say four children had been left in the car while their mother and step-father were inside the building a short distance away, paying a bill.

Police say the boy’s 8-year-old brother fired the gun. The 7-year-old boy was bleeding from the head. 

Investigators say one of the children found a loaded semi-automatic pistol in their mother’s purse. They say the child tried to unload the weapon by removing the magazine when the gun discharged.



 A Tennessee couple is in mourning today



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THE HUNTING GROUND (2015) My rating: 8.5/10

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TheHuntingGroundSince this is a documentary, I don’t really think it needs rating.  However, I have to present this as an alleged account of sexual assaults as presented by the makers/writers of this film.  The Hunting Ground tells the blatant truth about RAPE on campus and how it’s ignored.  An edited version of The Hunting Ground aired on CNN, November 22, 2015 before it was released in December.  This film starts out showing the excitement of several young girls and their families when they found out they were excepted in various colleges, which included the likes of Harvard, Berkley, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Amherst College, and Notre Dame.  It didn’t take more than a couple of weeks before many of these girls lives were changed forever.  Apparently, rape is a huge problem for colleges today and ignoring complaints is the way it’s dealt with.  The film implies…

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CINDERELLA (2015) – My rating: 7.5/10

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CinderellaHow many times has this movie been remade? There just seems to be a fascination about this story, like none other. I think the more wicked the stepmother and the bigger the revenge at the end, the better the movie. Cate Blanchett makes one of the best evil, wicket, mean stepmothers I’ve seen to date. She just seems to wallow in her meanness. The two stepsisters, Anastasia (Holliday Grainger) and Drisella (Sophie McShera) were equally as mean. What hatred they displayed throughout the movie. In this version of Cinderella, mom knew her daughters were dumb and dumber. She also knew they were not eye candy, which made her all the more jealous of her step daughter, Cinderella. She also admitted to her anger over the fact that she had now loss two husbands and is left to fend, financially, for herself. As for Cinderella, she was the biggest push over…

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RIDE ALONG 2 (2016) – My rating: 7.5/10

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RideAlong2A semi-quasi slap stick comedy from Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, who play Detective James Payton and Officer Ben Barber, respectively .  I’m still not fond of slap stick however, Ride Along 2 was a little more tolerable than most.  I found it had a descent story line, although it was totally unbelievable on some level.  Today there are so many corrupt politicians, it’s hard to say what officials would or wouldn’t do.  I don’t have a lot to say about this movie that hasn’t been said already.  Most of it stayed the same as the first film, Ride Along.  Officer Barber is a new, rookie cop who is trying very hard to win Detective Payton’s favor and respect.  To make matters worse, Payton is also about to become Barber’s brother-in-law because Barber is marrying his sister, Angela Payton-Barber (Tika Sumpter).  James is not happy about this union since he’s…

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Scientists Are Developing A Way To Warn You An Earthquake Is Starting

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One of the most frightening things about earthquakes is that we never know when the next big one is going to hit.

Largely because of this uncertainly, an average of 10,000 people die in earthquakes each year. However, a team of scientists from the California Institute of Technology, the University of California, Berkeley, the University of Oregon, and the University of Washington hopes to decrease that number significantly.

They have developed a high-tech prototype of an earthquake early-warning system. It uses seismic data to detect the beginning of an earthquake and then sends an alert seconds before devastating ground-shaking begins, said Dr. Richard Allen, director of the Seismological Laboratory at UC Berkeley and member of the research team.


David McNew via Getty Images
A research geophysicist with the United States Geological Survey looks at a series of images that illustrate the seismic waves of an…

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CAROL (2015) – My rating – 8/10

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CarolLife and especially the way people thought in 1952 was quite different from what it is today. Carol is set in New York and deals with two gay women, Therese Belivet, (Rooney Mara) a sales girl and aspiring photographer working in Frankenberg’s department store in Manhattan and an older, glamorous woman, Carol Aird, (Cate Blanchett) who was shopping for a gift for her daughter, Rindy, (Sadie Heim) during the Christmas holiday. After purchasing a set of trains and having a friendly conversation with Therese, Carol accidentally leaves her gloves behind. Using Carol’s sales slip to obtain her name and address, Therese returns the gloves to Carol by mail. Carol, who is going through a messy divorce from her husband, Harge, (Kyle Chandler) calls the department store to thank Therese for sending her gloves and invites Therese to lunch. Once the two ladies meet, they find that they are intrigued with…

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