A WALK AMONG THE TOMBSTONES (2014) – My rating: 8/10

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AWalkAmongTheTombstonesAnother Liam Neeson movie.  Out of all the movies Liam made last year, I thought this was one of his best.  A Walk Among the Tombstones isn’t the same old plot, it’s actually different enough to be interesting and not so predictable.  A retired cop, Matthew Scudder (Liam Neeson) turned private investigator, ends up taking on a bazaar case that gives him a chance to somewhat redeem himself for a past blunder.  Matthew ends up befriending a young boy TJ (Astro) who is homeless, ambitious and anxious to help out.  The case involves the kidnapping and murder of the wife of a drug dealer.  I was enlightened and entertained.  The murder of the wife and all murders that followed were quite gruesome.  Despite the murderers being completely insane,  the movie was well acted and had lots of action.   If I had seen this movie in the theater, I would not…

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HIV ‘Epidemic’ Triggered by Needle-Sharing Hits Scott County, Indiana

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An HIV “epidemic” fueled by needle-sharing opiate addicts has infected at least 72 people in one southern Indiana county as Gov. Mike Pence plans to declare a public health emergency in that community on Thursday.

The outbreak’s swift acceleration in Scott County — beginning with seven known HIV-positive patients in late January — has prompted state officials to ask the the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to deploy investigators to test residents and to help control further spread of the virus, Pence said.

CDC staff arrived on Monday and “traveled to the community … an epidemic ‘aid team.’ I met with them late Monday,” Pence told reporters in Scottsburg, the county seat. “And they informed me that they had confirmed that we have an epidemic in Scott County.”




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30 Species Discovered … in L.A.? Cities Buzz With Life

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The concrete sprawl of Los Angeles isn’t exactly where you would expect to find 30 new species of wildlife. New York City and Singapore don’t exactly seem like oases of non-human life either. New research, however, shows that life in big urban centers is a lot more diverse than some city-dwellers might think.

“Everyone expects for there to be a lot of biodiversity in the tropics,” Emily Hartop, lead author of a study to be published next month in the journal Zootaxa, told NBC News.

 “When you find new species in the city, that is surprising,” she said. “Finding dozens of new species in a city, that is quite startling.”




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INSURGENT (2015) – My rating: 7/10

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InsurgentI was really excited about seeing the second installment of Divergent.  As it turns out, it’s much like Maze Runner and The Hunger Games.  Not that it wasn’t good, it was a concept that was just too familiar, I felt cheated.  As in Divergent, our future world is divided into 5 Factions: Dauntless, Factionless, Candor, Erudite and Divergent.  All is good unless you fit into more than one Faction.  Mainly, if you’re deemed a Divergent like Tris Prior (Shailene Woodley) and Four (Tris’ love interest, you’re doomed.  That would make you too versatile.   This is not what makes the movie like the others I’ve mentioned, it’s the outcome or the reason everything is the way it is.  I kind of felt it was all for nothing.  Their explanation of things was nothing new.  I also found the movie to be a little slow, long and boring.  Different groups of…

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Need you today

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Where do you go
When I need you?

Is this how it feels
When I’m not around?
When you just need
a smile from me
And I’m no where to be found?

Is this how it is
When you search
With all the package
Of unrest
For a glitter of
Hope, friendliness and cheer?

When all you want is me
And I’m nowhere to be found?

March 2015


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Ex-Teacher Erica Lynn Mesa Pleads Guilty To Student Sex Abuse Charges

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A former math teacher and volleyball coach at a Virginia high school has pleaded guilty to multiple charges in a student sex case that broke at the beginning of the school year.

Erica Lynn Mesa, 28, has been in jail since her arrest Sept. 29, according to WTVR. Mesa admitted to having sex with several students at Colonial Forge High School in Stafford County last year, police said.

In a confession obtained by Stafford Sheriff’s deputies, Mesa said she had sex with the boys, one of whom was underage at the time, because it made her feel “attractive and wanted.” She told how she had sex with one victim in a car in a commuter lot on his eighteenth birthday.


Erica Lynn Mesa

Erica Lynn Mesa



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How To Stop Getting Annoying Birthday Notifications On Facebook

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Nothing is worse than Facebook birthday notifications for randos you haven’t talked to since high school. Thankfully, it’s very easy to turn them off.


Live the rest of your life as a friendless hermit.

(Source: Battlefield Earth, obviously)



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