THE WEDDING RINGER (2015) – My rating: 7/10

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TheWeddingRingerI am pleasantly surprised because I’m not a Kevin Hart fan. I found The Wedding Ringer to be quite a descent story. Kevin wasn’t non-stop talking and he didn’t get on my nerves. The plot was somewhat ridiculous, but it was well acted and convincing. A smart, sort of geeky tax attorney named Doug Harris (Josh Gad) is getting married to a pretty, sort of hot chick named Gretchen Palmer (Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting). It’s clear how anxious Doug is to please Gretchen because he can’t bring himself to tell her he has no friends. She continuously urges Doug to give her his list of the wedding party, as the wedding is growing near. Doug’s desperation doesn’t go unnoticed by the party planner, Edmundo (Ignacio Serricchio) who refers him to The Best Man Inc., located under an amusement park. Doug meets Jimmy Gallahan (Kevin Hart) who is the owner of the company. …

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Indian Nurse Aruna Shanbaug Dies After 42 Years In Coma After Rape

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A Mumbai nurse who was in a vegetative state for 42 years after being sexually assaulted while working in a hospital has died, authorities said Monday.

Aruna Shanbaug, 67, suffered severe brain damage when she was sodomized and strangled with a metal chain by a hospital worker in 1973. The man, a ward attendant, left her to die in the hospital’s basement, where she was found 11 hours later. She was 25 years old at the time.

 Shanbaug was diagnosed with pneumonia last week and was on a life support system for the past few days, said Pravin Bangar, medical superintendent at Mumbai’s King Edward Memorial Hospital.





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TOMORROWLAND (2015) – My rating: 7.5/10

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TomorrowlandGiven this movie was designed to appeal to the younger adult crowd, I think it was pretty good, even for us older youth.  It’s a little corny and a little dragged out but still entertaining.  I heard a lot of bad reviews, picking Tomorrowland apart in ways critics don’t usually pick apart other similar movies.  I’m beginning to believe Hollywood has something against George Clooney or at lease the critics do.  Tomorrowland is a fantasy movie about an enigmatic place existing somewhere in space and time where the gifted assemble, free from bureaucracy and red tape, to create and put their ideas into full swing in hopes they can make this world a better place.  Wow, That was a mouthful — but this is the best definition I can come up with since no one seems to really know.  There are four main characters: Frank (George Clooney), Athena (Raffry…

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Robotic Roach Launches Robotic Bird From Its Back

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Designing a robot that can both walk and fly is complicated. Lots of working parts and computer programming is needed, which can ultimately weigh down the machine.

Just like in real life, teamwork is a better solution for getting two jobs done at once.

In this case, researchers at UC Berkeley designed a scrambling robotic cockroach, called the VelociRoACH that can launch a H2Bird micro aerial vehicle from its back.


!!!!!RoboticRoach1VelociRoACH and H2Bird



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4 Ways To Remain Awake While The Rest Of The World Sleeps.

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You most definitely want to read this articles!!! My comments are featured at the bottom of the page, let me know what you think, and where you stand. This is a serious issue in our world today and unfortunately many people turn a blind eye to the numerous events taking place around the world. I’m not posting this article to sway people to thinking and seeing it from my point of view. I’m simple posting the article to make sure that everyone knows of the situation at hand and is aware of all that is going on around us in today’s chaotic world. I hope you find it as interesting and alarming as I do! WAKE UP WORLD!!!
In a world where the majority of people are so conditioned by an unhealthy culture that they cannot even fathom equality or the eradication of poverty, nor even perceive them as socially…

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Cozze Ripiene. Osteria L’Anciua

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Il tavolo diventa un quadro astratto di tempere rosse a olio.

La apri con le mani. Unte oliose fumose.  La bocca diventa rossa cola. Calda. Mastichi strappi densa gommosa sabbia morbida e bagnata. Succhi per l’ultima volta cercando ciò che ormai è finito. Le mani del peccato sulla tovaglia.

Cozze ripiene. Osteria L’Anciua. Leggi la Recensione

L'Anciua (17)

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Steps To Self-Acceptance

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I must admit that this is my favorite article share to date.  I have said that it is important to take care of your body, time and finances and if you have followed me for any amount of time you have read my opinions on these subjects.  Please read and pay close attention to #7!!

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Big Dreamer

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