BET Awards Winners 2017 Full List — BrunoMars & More


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The BET Awards are here again, and this year’s winners are some of our faves. Find out which nominees are going home BET champs by checking out our winners list!

Some of the biggest names in Hollywood gathered at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on on June 25 for the 2017 BET Awards. The hottest artists, actors, actresses, and athletes were on hand at the star-studded show, which was hosted by SNL’s Leslie Jones, 49. Beyonce, 35, is the leading nominee with 7 nominations. Bruno Mars, 31, is right behind her with 5 nominations. Chance the Rapper, 24, Solange, 31, and Migos all each have 4 nods.




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BET Awards Winners 2017 Full List — Bruno Mars & More



MEGAN LEAVEY (2017) – My rating: 9/10

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Megan Leavey definitely flew under the radar.  While everyone was busy watching non-existent super heroes, a real true heroine went unnoticed.  This story was so real and sent such a profound message, I think the movie should be re-released just so folks can get a chance to see something of the real world they could really relate to.  We are not mindful enough of our soldiers who fight in harms way so that we can enjoy the freedom that we have.  I can’t say enough about their sacrifices, whether we believe in the war they are fighting or not.  They are following orders.

Megan Leavey was a troublesome young girl who couldn’t seem to do much of anything right.  She was always in some sort of trouble and didn’t get along with her mother,Jackie Leavey (Edie Falco)or her step father.  Her birth father seemed to…

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WONDER WOMAN (2017) – My rating: 8.5/10

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I had never seen a Wonder Woman movie or read a Wonder Woman comic book before, so this was my first experience and I have to say it was a pretty good one. It was not what I expected. There were a few plot issues but overall, I welcome Wonder Woman to the fold. The movie is set in 1918 and tells the story of Princess Diana, who grows up on the island of Themyscira, sheltered by her mother and aunt. After an American pilot crashes offshore and is rescued by Diana, life as she knows it changes forever. He tells her about the ongoing World War. She then leaves her home in order to end the conflict, becoming Wonder Woman in the process.

Diana Prince/Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) was born and raised on the hidden Amazon island of Themyscira, home to the Amazon race of warrior women, created by…

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Supreme Court to hear partisan gerrymandering case

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The Supreme Court will take up the most important gerrymandering case in more than a decade, it announced Monday.

The case involves district lines in Wisconsin that challengers say were drawn unconstitutionally to benefit Republicans. The case could have a major impact on how district lines are drawn up nationwide.
The court has said that too much partisanship in map drawing is illegal, but it has never said how much is too much.
Steve Vladeck, CNN Supreme Court analyst and professor of law at the University of Texas School of Law, told CNN that this case could have “enormous ramifications.”




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Madagascar Beaches

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This beach looks extremely inviting!


Madagascar beach



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I am a fierce Johnny Depp fan so I am bias toward his movies. I find there are many fans who share my tilted scales of justice and reasoning everywhere. I’m not ashamed nor do I apologize for my lopsided analysis of Johnny Depp’s never ending Caribbean flicks. I do, however notice his days of spry movement and quick witted youthful eager and insightful nonsense is slowing down considerably. Well what would one expect at the age of 54 trying to pass somewhere between very young and very, very young. I myself having been bitten by the old age bug can testify to the change in body, if not yet in mind. It all catches up to each other eventually. Dead Men Tell No Tales is a prime example of the struggle between mind and body trying to settle on how old am I really? It’s probably time to stop…

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Kabul Bomb: Explosion Near German Embassy Kills Dozens

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A rush-hour suicide bomb hidden in a sewage truck killed at least 80 people and wounded more than 300 others in Afghanistan’s capital early Wednesday, officials said.

The powerful explosion occurred at a time when Kabul’s roads were packed with commuters.

A huge plume of smoke rose over the city. Windows were shattered in shops, restaurants and other buildings up to a half-mile from the blast site.

Hamdullah Mohib, the Afghan ambassador to the U.S., was in Kabul at the time of the explosion. “It felt like the house was going to collapse from a massive earthquake,” he told NBC News.


Image: People carry an injured man after a suicide attack in Kabul

An injured man is carried to safety after Wednesday’s suicide attack in Kabul. Rahmat Gul / AP



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