Creepy Medical Supplies Found Amid Wreckage Of Pirate Blackbeard’s Ship

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Huffpost Science

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Ahoy! Archaeologists excavating pirate Blackbeard’s sunken ship, named Queen Anne’s Revenge, recently unearthed from the wreckage various medical devices–and some of them look pretty darn terrifying.

Among the grisly finds were a urethral syringe that would have been used to treat syphilis, two pumps, and a porringer that would have been used in bloodletting, Live Science reported.

“We just have to understand that these people were suffering,” Dr. Linda Carnes-McNaughton, an archaeologist with the U.S. Department of Defense who volunteered on the excavation, told CNN. “They were seeking relief for any kind of ailment, and certainly if there was warfare on the water, there were wounds among other ailments that needed treatment. It wasn’t always a formally trained person in desperate times. That’s probably more common than we know.”


A urethral syringe used to treat syphilis found aboard Blackbeard’s ship Queen…

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Britain’s Religious Leaders Give Richard III A Burial Fit For A King (PHOTOS)

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A maligned monarch found under a parking lot was buried in pomp Thursday, as Britain embraced comeback King Richard III, a long-reviled ruler who is experiencing a remarkable posthumous renaissance.

Royalty, religious leaders and actor Benedict Cumberbatch joined archaeologists, Richard’s distant relatives and curious Britons for a service in Leicester Cathedral that saw Richard’s bones buried with dignity, 530 years after his violent death.

“Richard’s posthumous reputation has been less than glorious,” Gordon Campbell, the University of Leicester’s public orator, noted with understatement about a man whose name was long a byword for villainy.


LEICESTER, UNITED KINGDOM – MARCH 26: Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby waits at the entrance to Leicester Cathedral for the reinterment ceremony of King Richard III, on March 26, 2015 in Leicester, England. The skeleton of King Richard III was discovered in 2012 benaeth a car park…

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Hole to Halo

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Before they gave me existence,

They called for me;

With immense anticipation I went to face them,

“Alleluia! What do you want to be?”


Oh what outlandish people they were!

They were rounder than anything I had ever seen

And that, my friends, gave me the spur

“I want to be a hole just like you!” For by them, I was weaned.


So taken aback they were, they gasped;

“It is unfathomable and hard, being a hole”;

“You could be a bird, a song or a hug that could be clasped”;

“I will be a hole, please make me one”, I cajoled.


They sent me down, what a jolly childhood I had

I was omnipresent;

Filling every moment with my essence

Be it happy or sad.


I was there when a baby was born

First to witness it, even before its mother

I helped it push…

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51AXboWWJPL._SL110_Slow Code

“My short, but feverish drive across the parking lot was completely unnecessary, as Jen had pulled over to the side to wait for me. I pulled up behind her and we were off. I did my best to use this time to relax, almost a meditative state before the real game would begin. As I struggled to stay directly behind her, I pictured the drive as a sort of metaphor for our relationship to each other. The pursuit of any woman was not unlike this drive, there were periods where it was easy to stay together because there was no outside interference. Then there were the obstacles, poorly timed traffic lights trying to separate us, aggressive drivers trying to wedge themselves between us. Like with any relationship, we had to find a way to communicate when words were not an option, in order to stay together.”

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I Am Free

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Originally posted on Live simply, travel lightly, love passionately & don't forget to breathe.:



I will always be against wars… all wars! I am pro PEACE & LOVE for our beautiful universe and for all human souls. I am anti any kind of genocide against humanity. I will always stand with people who are being attacked. If the people in power of our world, didn’t want wars and murder, there would be none. If you want to know where the power is, ask who you can not criticize. We are taught and brainwashed since the beginning of time, that we can not criticize religion or we all go to hell! The biggest lie ever told! They have lied and stole all the wealth of our world, while seating on golden thrones and making us their own, private slaves.

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Why Mosquitoes Think You Are Extra Tasty & What You Can Do About It

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mosquito-skeeter (1)

On a couple of our camping trips this summer we were besieged by mosquitoes. I don’t think there was anyone who came away completely unmolested but some of us definitely seemed to be tastier that others, with a trip to hot humid bug haven Florida coming up I thought I’d look into what is it about me that makes me so appetizing and see if there is anything I can do to make myself less appealing.
I came up with some facts that really surprised me so I thought I’d share my findings
1. Breathing.
Mosquitoes detect carbon dioxide in the air, & can smell their dinner from an astonishing distance of 50 meters, once they get a whiff they fly in a zigzag pattern through the CO2 plume until they zero in the source. Cut down on exercise later in the day when mosquitoes are most active.
2. Movement

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From Mississippi 1963 to South Carolina 2015 (VIDEO)

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Huffpost Black Voices

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When we first starting working on The HuffPost Show towards the end of 2014, we turned for inspiration to a 53-year-old TV program called That Was The Week That Was — a groundbreaking series that blended music, comedy, conversation, and frequently pointed satire.

During our research, we came across video of a stunning segment the show had done in April 1963, in the wake of the murder of a civil rights protestor marching from Alabama to Jackson, Mississippi, who was gunned down on the side of the road. It was a brutally satiric musical number, featuring intentionally offensive language and imagery you’d be hard-pressed to find on TV today — let alone 50-plus years ago.

We talked about how we might be able to do something similar, using music mixed with ridicule to call out the racial violence that continues to…

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