House Stuns Itself By Passing Bipartisan $214 Billion Medicare Package

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The House passed a bill Thursday that may be its biggest legislative accomplishment of the year: a $214 billion package that fixes a massive funding gap in Medicare, extends health care for poor children and makes long-term spending cuts.

The bill overwhelmingly passed 392-37, a rare moment of bipartisanship for a Congress accustomed to little action.

“If someone came down from Mars today, into this chamber, they’d be shocked at this camaraderie,” said Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-N.J.). “This is great. You’ve got to admit, this is a good feeling.”



House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) teamed up to cut a deal on a bill that replaces a massive funding gap in Medicare. | ASSOCIATED PRESS



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Rudy Giuliani Tells His Party To Stop Blocking Loretta Lynch’s Nomination

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Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani (R) said Friday that Loretta Lynch is an “extraordinary” nominee for U.S. attorney general, and called on Senate Republicans to stop holding up her confirmation vote.

In a call with reporters, Giuliani said he is a “very dedicated Republican” and doesn’t always agree with President Barack Obama. But he does think that a president should be able to get his or her appointees confirmed by the Senate.

“The confirmation process has been really tremendously distorted. … It’s become Republicans torture Democrats, Democrats torture Republicans. Who started it, God knows,” he said. “But as a Republican and looking at the Constitution, I find Loretta Lynch not only to be an acceptable appointment, but I find her to be an extraordinary appointment.”



Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani says Senate Republicans need to hold a confirmation vote for Loretta Lynch, President Barack Obama’s nominee for U.S. attorney general. | Rob Kim via Getty Images



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Middle-Class Betrayal? Why Working Hard Is No Longer Enough in America

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What frustrates Hanna Newberg about her life right now isn’t just that she’s working as a waitress at a chain restaurant or renting a small apartment in western Massachusetts. The problem, Newberg says, is that she did everything she was told she was supposed to do — went to college, went to graduate school — and still, she’s waiting tables.

Newberg, 26, is like millions of young Americans who are finding that the paths they assumed would lead them to middle-class lives — the paths many of their parents took — no longer promise economic stability. The long wake of the recession has exposed an American economy that has been restructured over the last three decades. As a result, many jobs that once made it possible to reach the middle class are less reliable.

 Newberg grew up in a home where her father’s paycheck was modest but consistent. Steve Newberg, 60, a tall lanky man with long pulled back hair, has been a postal worker since two years before Hanna, the older of his two daughters, was born. Steve’s wife, Robin Newberg, 54, had worked as an elementary school teacher and then left to raise their children in their well-kept home in a quiet semi-rural street in Granby, Connecticut.





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Senate Letter Writers

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Should the DOJ prepare some sort of charges against senate members who try to undermine the government’s foreign affairs efforts?  When does the Logan Act come into play?




10 pi facts for the most irrational Pi Day of your life



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This isn’t just any Pi Day. It’s singularly the most perfect Pi Day that will ever happen in your lifetime.

For 24 hours, Pi Day 2015 will be the one and only Pi Day in the next 100 years that will actually reflect the first five numbers in everyone’s favorite irrational number, pi, which is 3.1415.

The next time pie lovers and pi lovers alike will see such an event will not be until March 14, 2115



The most perfect Pi Day



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Candice Ashby, Angela McRobbie and Exclusivity

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When I was completing the third year of my undergraduate degree in Media and Modern Literature, I remember listening to the lectures of one of my professors like a wide-eyed school girl.

Angela McRobbie, one of the most prominent cultural theorists and feminists in the UK, was the epitome of self confidence and female empowerment as far as I was concerned.

I’m sure she had no idea that I was hanging on her every word though being a mature student myself, I did in fact find the courage to talk to her from time to time.  Yet, what struck me as mind-blowing about McRobbie was her unrelenting effort to identify and discuss the damaging effects of social exclusivity.  As an African American woman, exclusivity was not a subject I was unfamiliar with.




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What to do if you suspect a natural gas leak in your home



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More than 177 million Americans rely on natural gas today, according to the American Gas Association. If you are one of them, you should make it a point to know where your gas meter is on your home, and how to operate it.

But what if you hear the hiss of a gas leak, or catch a whiff of a rotten egg smell? “There are a few quick things you can do,” said Captain James Altman of the Santa Monica Fire Department.

  • If you notice something obviously wrong like sparks or flames, evacuate your house immediately and call 911. “You want to make sure that you’re at a safe distance,” Altman advised. “You want to make sure you’re across the street somewhere that you feel safe, and once you get there, you want to make sure you dial 911 from there.” 

  • If you don’t notice anything obviously wrong, make sure all the burners on your gas stove are turned off.

  • If the stove is off and you suspect a leak, don’t turn on the lights. “That could lead to a spark, which causes an explosion,” Altman said. “You want to make sure you have a flashlight handy.”

  • Open all the doors and windows. “You want to make sure you ventilate the house,” Altman said.

  • If you suddenly notice your grass or shrubs have changed color, looking more brown or rusty, that could be a sign of a leak: the gas pouring out of the pipes. If you see any of these things, make sure to call 911 immediately and then call the gas company.




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