First, let me say Sense8 isn’t for everyone. As a matter of fact, if you can get through 1 and a half episodes without giving it the kiss of death, then it’s probably for you. Sense8 starts off in a sea of confusion for its audience but once you are able to unravel the pieces, OMG and wow, wow, wow. It is one of the most brilliant series in the Science Fiction category I’ve seen, bar none. Kudos to the Warchowski duel and Michael Straczynski, there’s no stopping their talent. 8 people from around the world labeled Sensates are able to connect mentally and share each other’s lives, thoughts and experiences without being seen by anyone outside of their shared cluster. Their adventure is an experience you’ll not soon forget is an understatement. The series was filmed in 9 cities all over the world.  They included the…

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