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GRANDKIDS, PARENTS & GREAT GRANDPARENTS – a time to recall about 75 yrs ago

This’ll put a smile on your face

This is way different than many of our shared stories.   This one is about a famous airplane, the B-29.   It was used in World War II (1940’s) …. so this plane is about 75 years old give or take.   This is the last one remaining …. a gentlemen found it and restored it back to almost new.

When I got to the end of the video … I cried; watch for an elderly lady named Rosie, Watching this is like reliving part of the history of our country.   Think about it … our whole country was at war and virtually every man and woman was doing something to help.

In time you will come to understand more about war …. about how awful it is … about how necessary it is — SOMETIMES.

  Enjoy this story …. I think it is an important reminder of our country’s journey to today … or our peoples’ capacity to rally to a single cause – the defense of our freedom … the defense of freedom around the world.


Some marvelous job, it flew again!



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