amancalledoveA Man Called Ove is not a movie you’re likely to see unless you’re into foreign films, which means if you don’t speak Swedish, you’ll have to read subtitles. In my opinion, it would be worth every word you’d have to read.  This heartfelt story will arouse a significant amount of your emotions.  A Man Called Ove spans approximately 60 years of his life.  Ove (Rolf Lassgård) lives in a small community of condominiums where he is a member of the community block association.  Ove appears to have a touch of ODC and is obsessed with making sure that everyone follows the rules.  In the beginning of the movie, Ove is forced to retire after 43 years on his job.  It was never made clear why except that at 59 years of age,  Ove’s personality has become intolerably grumpy. From that point on, Ove made numerous attempts to commit suicide but was…

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