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Rescuers were working to free eight survivors Friday who had endured an almost two-day ordeal buried under 16 feet of snow in the ruins of an avalanche-hit Italian hotel.

Earlier, a young boy and a woman were freed by emergency workers. In emotional scenes captured on video, crews were seen working around a deep hole with what appears to be a tiled floor beneath it.

The rescuers erupted into a chorus of cheers and cries of “Bravo!” when the child was brought to the surface after being trapped for more than 40 hours.

After the woman was pulled out, she spoke urgently to the workers, and appeared to point back down towards the rubble. Her speech was not picked up clearly by the cameras.

Both of the survivors shown being rescued were conscious and displayed no obvious sign of serious injuries.


Image: An Italian firefighter walks inside the Hotel Rigopiano after an avalancheAn Italian firefighter walks inside the Hotel Rigopiano on Thursday. Italian Firefighters / AP



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