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Being transgender used to be the kind of thing that could make a modeling career come tumbling down. 

There was Vogue model April Ashley, whose career abruptly ended in 1961 after being outed by a friend. Then there was Tracey “Africa” Norman, who modeled for Italian Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar and was outed in the early 1980s, signaling the end of her career as well. 

Times have thankfully changed. Not only is Norman back in the spotlight but there is now a new league of people who are trans and killing the modeling game. Hell, there’s even a modeling agency, called Slay Management, specifically for trans models. 

To get a peek into this ever-growing industry, Mic spoke with a number of trans models working today. Here, seven models — including Laith Ashley De La Cruz, Isis King, Arisce Wanzer and Dominique Jackson, who are signed to Slay and star in the trans modeling TV show Strut — speak about what they hope to achieve in 2017, and how the progress thus far in the trans modeling industry is helping them achieve those dreams.


7 transgender models speak out about why 2017 will be their year

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