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Remember Tom DeLonge of early-2000s pop-punk band Blink-182? Remember how he took a break from the band to focus on a multimedia project about UFOs and the government? Turns out, the singer-guitarist has contacted Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta about UFOs, according to the Wall Street Journal. WikiLeaks released the emails this month.  

As the Wall Street Journal reports, DeLonge wrote to Podesta about UFOs at least twice, but it’s unclear if Podesta responded.

[DeLonge] wrote in cryptic terms about their well-documented mutual interest in more government disclosure about the phenomenon of unidentified flying objects of potential extraterrestrial origin.

The emails, released by the website Wikileaks this month, also reveal that Mr. Podesta participated in a documentary that Mr. DeLonge is producing. It isn’t clear whether Mr. Podesta responded to the messages.


WikiLeaks reveals Blink-182's Tom DeLonge sent UFO messages to Clinton campaign chairman

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