The Girl in the Little Black Dress

Dear Reader,

I kind of wanted to make a series of Polyvore collages about my favorite things from 2013 (namely my favorite clothing trends, music, and books). So I did. And here they are.

*Sorry they are a tad blurry… sadly technology enjoys keeping my on my toes by constantly throwing tests of patience at me. Please tell me below if you know how to unblur something.*

Capture d’écran 2014-07-13 à 14.54.28These are my favorite fashion-y things from 2013. Looking at this collage, I guess I kind of developped an obsession with vintage clothing. This obsession actually began long ago, but I think it especially manifested itself in my life this year. But yes. Plaid skirts (anything plaid, really), oxfords, Docs, vintage boots, retro sunglasses, long skirts, knee highs. Yes to all of that. So much love from this little corner of the internet.

Capture d’écran 2014-07-13 à 14.54.36When I think about it, 2013 was a pretty fantastic…

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