What time is the eclipse?

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It’s the Super Bowl of the Solar System! On Monday, August 21st, the moon will obscure the sun. People across the US will travel to the narrow band of land where the sun will be completely blocked out, but even if you’re far away and watching from home you’ll see something special happen in the sky.

The eclipse won’t last long, so you’ll want to be sure you’re ready to watch at the precise time when it will peak. Our friends at Vox made a handy eclipse watching tool that tells you exactly when you should be outside to see the action — just type your zip code into the tool below to see what time to watch and what your eclipse will look like. Just make sure you don’t look at the sun without the proper safety equipment. (Seriously, even if you have to do it yourself, protect your eyes.)


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KIDNAP (2017) – My rating: 7.5/10

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Kidnap is a thriller directed by Luis Prieto and written by Knate Lee about a mother who follows her son’s kidnappers to get him back, at any cost.  Although Kidnap seems unlikely to ever happen, it will cause you to cheer this mother on til the very end of the movie. This is not a new concept, as it’s been done before, just not quite like this.  The making of Kidnap began in 2009 and was finally released in 2017.

Karla Dyson (Halle Berry) is a divorced waitress living a pretty decent life as a single mom with her six-year-old son, Frankie (Sage Correa).  Karla works hard and devotes most of her time to her son who she obviously loves with all her heart.  Her x-husband is currently remarried and is pursuing custody rights of their son, despite Karla’s great parenting skills.  One day, after her shift at the…

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Before a Solar Eclipse Crosses 14 States, a Great American Road Trip

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Americans across the country this weekend began a great, if brief, migration, rushing toward a swath of territory stretching from Oregon to South Carolina for a chance to witness a total eclipse of the sun.

By Sunday, roads in many states were jammed as a normally busy summer weekend was overtaken by eclipse mania. But some locations were spared along the 70-mile-wide path of totality, where, weather permitting, viewers on Monday will be able to see the moon completely block the sun for a few minutes. The total eclipse will be the first to touch the mainland United States in nearly four decades.

Wyoming transportation officials reported nearly 20 percent more vehicles on the roads compared with a five-year average for the third weekend in August. They cautioned that the state’s population of 600,000 could double with people heading for the zone of totality, which crosses the state.


 Cars lined up on Sunday to get into Grand Teton National Park outside Jackson, Wyo. People are flocking to the area in anticipation of viewing a total solar eclipse on Monday. Credit George Frey/Getty Images



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The eclipse capital of the U.S. is over the moon for Monday’s solar event

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At first, Bob Baer thought it had to be a hoax.

A man identifying himself as an astronomer had emailed to let him know about two eclipses that would cross the United States — one in 2017, the next in 2024. Carbondale, the small southern Illinois city where Baer was a physics professor, would be the only city at the center of both.

Disbelieving, Baer pulled up a NASA projection of future paths of totality — the places where the moon completely covers the sun during an eclipse. The lines crossed right over his city, like an X on a treasure map, marked by the shadow of the moon.

Three years later, Carbondale residents are still incredulous at their cosmic good fortune. The city has been badly in need of a break, ever since the recession and state budget crises cut enrollment at the local campus of Southern Illinois University nearly in half. With the region’s biggest employer in a tailspin, businesses shuttered and buildings fell into disrepair. The apartment vacancy rate was 35 percent. “This place was depressed,” Baer said.




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The eclipse capital of the U.S. is over the moon for Monday’s solar event



Jerry Lewis, comedy king and master of slapstick, dies at 91

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Jerry Lewis, who died Aug. 20 at 91, was a comic actor whose rubber-limbed pratfalls, squeaky voice and pipsqueak buffoonery made him one of the most uncontainable screen clowns of all time.

His partnership with the suave and assured crooner Dean Martin made them a sensation, easily the most popular comedy team of the mid-20th century. After their bitter break up, which devastated their millions of fans, Mr. Lewis embarked on a solo career of dizzying summits and desperate lows, including an addiction to painkillers as years of physical comedy took their toll.

Fascinated by the technical side of film, he became one of the first sound-era comedians to write, direct and star in his own movies. He was credited with laying the groundwork for later comedic writer-director-actors such as Mel Brooks and Woody Allen.


Jerry Lewis, comedic writer-director-actor and king of slapstick, died at 91 on Aug. 20. (Elyse Samuels/The Washington Post)



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Jerry Lewis, comedian who became one of the most unforgettable entertainers of his time, dies at 91




THE DARK TOWER (2017) – My rating: 8/10

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The Dark Tower is a science-fiction/fantasy/western adaptation of a Stephen King novel of the same name.  I usually don’t fancy Stephen King novels but I love Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey, as well as a love for fantasy and science-fiction movies. I didn’t hear good things about The Dark Tower, so my expectations of the film were pretty low, yet I was pleasantly surprised. This is why I critique movies from the perspective of the standard viewer rather than the critic’s point-of-view. I ask myself basic questions as part of my analysis that falls into three separate areas: 1) Was I entertained?  (Did the movie make me laugh, cry, shout in anger or make me want my money back?)  2) Did the movie send a message or did I learn anything? (Did the movie teach me something about myself or the world at-large or do I now know something…

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Bald Birds Find Love In Polyamorous Relationship: CUTE AS FLUFF

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LOVE is in the air in Florida, as these three lovebirds have formed an unlikely polyamorous relationship. The new bird in town is Rhea, a three-year-old Lovebird with the same disease as once-monogamous couple Indi and Lemon; Psittacine Beak and Feather Disease (PBFD). Indi’s new side-chick has a huge Instagram following with over 400,000 followers.


Polyamorous Relationship



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