Trip to 100 Cities Around the World with Gallery Park Hotel

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Originally posted on Bucket List Publications:

Old Town, Riga, Latvia

Recently I visited Riga, Latvia and thousands followed along as I explored this year’s European Capital of Culture. It was even better than I imagined.Careful observation and unhurried recreation in Latvia allowed me to unveil a multi-cultural gem with locals, much like Canadians, who enjoy life and appreciate their cultural roots steeped in traditions and values. From Air Baltic’s CEO to the staff at the hotels to the locals in the streets, the people in Latvia are down-to-earth, friendly, and appreciative. It is a country that reflects its entire history. From the diverse architecture to the performances, Latvia is as diverse in its offerings as its people. Do you want to see for yourself? I’ve found a way that could make that a possibility.

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“They Only Want One Thing” The Fear of Men

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Originally posted on Chapter TK:

This photo, “ Rape Infographic ” is copyright (c) 2014 Snipergirl and made available under an Attribution 2.0 Generic license

When discussing issues surrounding feminism and gender equality, women often take center stage, but we should also acknowledge how patriarchy affects men. Before I go on, let me say that I know the sort of inequality and discrimination women face is far more frequent and often more violent than what happens to men. Still, patriarchy has negative effects on the male gender that are worth discussing.

The cultural definition of patriarchy is “a family or society in which authority is vested in males, through whom descent and inheritance are traced.” I, however, see patriarchy as something less related to one’s biological gender and more related to society’s definition of masculine and feminine. The man who displays culturally accepted attributes of masculinity is held high while the man who displays culturally…

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Originally posted on Perspectives on life, universe and everything:

World’s riches, nations wealth
accumulated by fortunate few
Rest of us could die in hunger
Rest of us could lie and linger
Rest of us could sleep on streets
Rest of us find food as a treat
Rest of us should wake up one day
Irony is why it is not today!

20140417-041455 am.jpg

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Guess What My Boss Called Me?

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Originally posted on Uncle Spike's Adventures:

“A Fart In A Whirlpool” – yes, that’s how my boss described me once! Strange, eh? But for me, it was one of those life changing statements. Even now, a couple of decades later, it signifies and embodies a work ethic that made me who I am (whoever that is?).




Far from being an insult, what he had tried to explain was the reason for my lack of advancement, and as much as it might have been a little crass, I am forever grateful for his insight – it changed my outlook on my working life from that point onwards. He was dead right, by the way.

Let me take you back to the early days of my working for the bank – a loooong time before farming I can tell you. Like many modern large national companies, we had detailed appraisals of our work performance, every quarter…

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Agrasen Ki Baoli

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Originally posted on Know-All's Box:

Delhi is perhaps one of the most ancient cities in the world with continuous in-habitation since at least 6th century BC.Over the ages, Delhi has been invaded innumerable times, burnt to ashes only to rise again. And when you have such an ancient city with continuous in-habitation, you invariably have lots of old buildings of immense historical significance.

Since my sister and brother-in-law reside in Delhi, I usually visit them once a year around October/ November. During my last visit in November 2013, I had a specific request. I wanted to visit as many historical monuments as possible, because I wanted to take as many photos as possible for my blog.I should point out that Delhi has so many monuments, that it probably requires a month to visit all of them! I will try to cover the ones I visited during my 3 day visit, in the next few…

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Sunday’s Sashay

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Originally posted on allaboutlemon-All Around, In, And Out Of My Own Universe:



Great Ideas to Repurpose Old Stuff and Giving Them a New Life

Drum Kit Repurposed as a Chandelier


Image Source: demilked

 Old Bicycle Used as a Bathroom Vanity


Image Source: suzikcreative

Old Light Bulbs Transformed into Lamps


Image Source: crookedbrains

Old Wine Bottles Chandelier

 Bath Tub Couch


Image Source: csol-inc

Hanging Chairs for an Instant Closet


Image Source: yiconglu

Old Piano Turned into a Garden Water Feature for Landscaping


Image Source: twistedsifter

Vintage Tennis Rackets Transformed into Mirrors


Image Source: boredpanda

 Sprayed Metal Trash Can be Reused as an End Table


Image Source: funportion

 Old Dresser Gets a New Life as a Succulent Garden


Image Source: grizzlybearmodern

Mini-Elite-Transparent Plastic Cord Holder


Tooth doctors and/or Orthodontists and mortals who wear braces are very familiar with this “power chain or e-chain”…

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I am standing upon the seashore.

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Originally posted on Oyia Brown:

I am standing upon the seashore.
A ship at my side spreads her white sails to the morning breeze
and starts for the blue ocean.
She is an object of beauty and strength,
and I stand and watch until at last she hangs
like a speck of white cloud
just where the sea and sky come down to mingle with each other.
Then someone at my side says,
“There she goes! “Gone where? Gone from my sight . . . that is all.
She is just as large in mast and hull and spar
as she was when she left my side
and just as able to bear her load of living freight
to the place of destination.
Her diminished size is in me, not in her.
And just at the moment
when someone at my side says,
“There she goes!”
there are other eyes watching her coming …

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Hubby prompt

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Originally posted on Peace, love and patchouli:

I asked my hubby for a prompt
As he terrorized the kitchen
With sharpest of implements
With evil grin replied
Tater pancakes.
Now don’t get me wrong
I can be creative
But spud taters just ain’t one of ‘em
I replied….
As my house was overwhelmed
With a sheen of greasy smoke….
Ok dear lord
I thought
As the pup hid behind the chair…
No fear,
No fire there,
Just Polish greasy goodness
Await in’ on the sour cream
(Or scream’ as I like to call it)
There went the candle scents,
There went the tidy kitchen,
Of which I will gladly tidy,
For home made tater cakes
Just make me smile….
My clothes will smell
For quite awhile,
But the season is in
She says with a grin,
Just don’t be expecting that bikini
In a few weeks time,
Tater pancakes
Bust a rhyme….

Sorry ’bout that folks….

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Word of the Day: Salient

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Originally posted on Margaux's Blog:



Today’s word is outstanding, so is the photo I added to go with it.

Salient [sey-lee-uhnt, seyl-yuhnt] (adj.):

1. prominent or conspicuous

2. projecting or pointing upward

3. leaping or jumping


His salientperformance on his exams earned him a scholarship to an ivy league university.

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Wisdom Quotes #13….every one of us, a masterpiece!

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Originally posted on Purplerays:

Photo Credit: http://en.wikipedia.org

“Let no one look up to him whom he finds more beautiful than himself, and imitate him on that account;

for there is no man created who does not carry beauty in some form or the other within.”

Abd-ru-shin, author of The Grail Message (In the Light of Truth)

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