Protests Greet Met Opera’s Premiere of ‘Klinghoffer’

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At the Metropolitan Opera’s first performance of John Adams’s “The Death of Klinghoffer” on Monday night, men and women in evening attire walked through a maze of police barricades, while protesters shouted “Shame!” and “Terror is not art!” One demonstrator held aloft a white handkerchief splattered with red. Others, in wheelchairs set up for the occasion, lined Columbus Avenue.

Political figures, including former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani, joined a rally, several hundred strong at Lincoln Center, to denounce an opera that has become the object of a charged debate about art, anti-Semitism and politics.

But after months of escalating protests, including threats of opera officials and online harassment of the cast, “Klinghoffer” finally went on, only a few minutes late. There were cheers when David Robertson, the conductor, arrived in the pit and a few boos after the opening “Chorus of Exiled Palestinians” ended.


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The price of human kindness

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Im so angry. And afraid. The world seems full of other angry, afraid people who are shedding their contempt onto everyone around them.

A close friend of mine who helps people has just been betrayed by one of these people. Someone who has thrown their emotional darts at her career.

She was more vulnerable to this because she goes out into the world to treat those in need, exposing herself to their pain.

I limit my human contact as much as possible, always in fear that I could step on this kind of land mine. It means though that I don’t contribute to the world like my friend does. My cowardice is about keeping myself safe.

What kind of world would it be if it were populated only by people like me?

I am in awe of the daily daredevil who risks themselves through countless human connections in order to…

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It’s Easy To Determine The Type Of Gift To Get Someone

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It’s Easy To Determine What Kind Of Gift A Someone Would Like Being the holidays are coming up are you wondering the perfect gift to get a friend, coworker or loved one?


What if I told you that it’s simple to determine.  Read more…….http://bit.ly/ZMf0W3

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Sighs on Spanish Steps

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say something
many things
are not said
when passions are high
let sighs, speak
and we listen
to symphony of love

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The child in us!

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Never lose the child in you!

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If we listen to the child we bear in our soul, our eyes will shine once more. If we don’t lose contact with this child, we won’t lose contact with life.

Paulo Coelho

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Woodland Princess

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Woodland Princess

Woodland Princess or Wood Fairy

And now for something completely different.

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Michael Dunn Sentenced to Life Without Parole for Loud Music Killing

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A Florida man convicted of first-degree murder for shooting a teenager to death over loud music was sentenced to life without parole Friday. Michael Dunn, 47, was convicted of killing Jordan Davis, 17, in November 2012 after he shot into a SUV of four teenagers 10 times when an argument broke out over loud music coming from the teens’ vehicle. Dunn was sentenced to an additional 90 years in prison for three attempted murder convictions and another 15 years for firing into an occupied vehicle. “Our justice system works. This case demonstrates that our justice system does work,” said Judge Russell Healey at the sentencing.

Dunn was found guilty on three counts of second-degree attempted murder in January, but a mistrial was declared on the first-degree murder charge. A jury in early October found Dunn, who is white, guilty of murdering Davis, who was black…

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